The Beggar's Deceit (1900) (en)

The Beggar's Deceit 1900
  • Original title: The Beggar's Deceit
  • Evaluation: 4 (Votes: 1)
  • Release date 1900-11-01 (1900)
  • Duration: 1 Min

The Beggar's Deceit Download - A legless beggar with a sign around his neck saying "cripple" pushes himself slowly and laboriously on a trolley along the pavement, soliciting alms from sympathetic passers-by. A policeman gradually approaches from the distance. Feeling suspicious, he taps the beggar on the shoulder, whereupon the beggar leaps up in a panic and runs away on his perfectly functional legs. The policeman trips over the trolley before recovering his footing and setting off in pursuit.
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