The Trouble with her Uterus (2000) (en)

Slogan: Little Joey needs help.

The Trouble with her Uterus 2000

The Trouble with her Uterus Download - The Trouble with her Uterus is the story of Doyle, his girlfriend Lily, and Lily's insomniac brother/former pedophile Tyler. Tyler's leper girlfriend has a son named Little Joey who's goal in life is to make sweet love to an infant. And what a coincidence! Lily and Doyle are about to have a baby! Trying to live vicariously through Little Joey, Tyler feels it's his duty to steal the newborn infant from Doyle and Lily for Joey's sick desires. Nominated for 4 REwind Media Festival Awards. Retarded, pregnant prostitutes! Jesus Christ's thoughts on abortion! Pedophile jokes galore! Social Satire! BSC has never been this filthy or offensive before or since, so for those that truly aren't offended by anything, check this controversial movie out.
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