Insomnia Lover (2016) (en)

Insomnia Lover 2016

Insomnia Lover Download - An Ding, a freelance insomnia therapist meets a beautiful girl at a beach in Shenzhen. After finding out that she needs help in going to sleep, he makes her falls to sleep on her beach chair and sticks on her chest his business card sticker. In a nightclub he meets his goddess who disappears after he comes back from the toilet. That same woman goes to his clinic to seek treatment accompanied by her girlfriend Xiao-chen and An Ding finds out her name is Miao Tiao. Miao Tiao works in an insurance firm. Later, in the same nightclub Miao Tiao and Xiao-chen are saved by An Ding and his friend Fei from two male patrons of the nightclub that are harassing them. Thus begins a one-sided love affair between An Ding and Miao Tiao. The movie ended happily with Miao Tiao finally accepting An Ding's love and reciprocates. (via Wikipedia)
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