The Blonde Vampire (1922) (en)

Slogan: A blonde fights for the man she loves -- while a brunette can only cry for him.

The Blonde Vampire 1922

The Blonde Vampire Download - Marcia Saville, thought to be a hopeless flirt by her sweetheart, Martin Kent, shows him that she prefers Tom Smith, a man from the underworld, because Tom is more authoritative. Tom is induced to enter a scheme to rob Marcia's father in a crooked deal instigated by Simon Downs. Downs plans to have Tom marry Marcia and divide the spoils, as she is to receive a sum of money when she marries. Tom is too smart for them and refuses to get involved. Meantime, Kent proves his strength of character, and Marcia is won over. Downs is exposed to her father and discharged.
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