Pomporrutas imperiales (1976) (en)

Pomporrutas imperiales 1976

Pomporrutas imperiales Download - Two middle aged Spanish men bump into each other at a music store: Calvo, who is a TV actor, and Casado. They were school mates and haven't met for a long time. They begin to remember old times, for instance, when they had to sing the post civil war Spanish anthem and they mistook the lyrics. But suddenly Calvo gets mad, breaks some discs, takes Casado to a small room, and acts as if he were the priest at the school. This priest has found that Casado had dirty magazines in his bedroom, and threatens him to tell his family if he doesn't give away the name of the boy who commits vandalism in the school. Terrified, Casado gives Calvo's name. Calvo comes back to the present, says he wasn't guilty, quietly pays the broken discs, and leaves the store.
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